PSB Online Register

 Pay Your Fees As Easy As 1-2-3. 

Step 1: Pay tuition online by using the online platform below. 
             Check the chart to see how much your tuition is for the current session. 
             Don't forget to add the registration fee if you are a new student. 

Step 2: Click Here to fill out the Online Registration Form

Step 3: Show up at the class with your automated email receipt, you are all set. See you in the gym.  

​  Note : For current student who is going to pay the renewal fee online, please leave your phone number, email, student name, class location and payment coverage period during check out at where it says " Please leave your name, phone number, and email address."  Thank you. This will allow us to verify your payment much faster.  

For example, If you want to enroll a new student named "Jonathan Lee" and planning to start class on April 28th at Temple City Sat Morning Class, your prorated fee will be $315 plus a one time $50 registration fee, total of $365. Pleaes change the quantity to 365 and leave the comment as --- 1,  Jonathan Lee 2. TC10AM 3. April 28 to complete the payment.

Important: Leave 1.Student Full Name, 2.Class Name and 3.Starting date in the comment during "check out" please.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our online payment, please be sure to contact us.